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After switching from Windows to Mac, then what is the equivalent of using Photoshop to create PDF files?

The launch of the M1 iMac is what made me switch. I’ve been a Windows user all my life, and I just switched to a Mac this month, and I’m loving the experience so far. MacOS is very intuitive to use and is a fantastic piece of software that is designed to be used by people. Using macOS made me realize just how clunky Windows machines feel in comparison. The M1 chip is a revolutionary advancement in PC chip design, and is a fantastic alternative to the x86 CPUs. The M1’s ARM-based design has manifested in much longer battery lifetimes for laptops and less heat dissipation. Furthermore, since the macOS and Apple Silicon teams are in the same building, t can optimize the software and hardware for optimum performance, rather than having to write the OS to be compatible with existing standards (x86). This is a big paradigm change in personal computing . And the synergy between CPU and OS in M1 computers manifests as a smooth and responsive computing experience that I’ve never experienced in any computer before. There are several detailed reviews of the M1 Macs compared to computers using Intel CPUs (x86), and all of them are full of praise for the M1. It is pretty easy to tell when off-the-shelf parts are put together to form a computer (Intel+Windows) and when the entire computer is custom-designed from the ground up (M1 Mac) once you use the latter. The power efficiency of the M1 ARM cores let them squeeze the entire iMac into such a thin unit since the M1 is more power efficient than x86 alternatives and hence it requires less cooling apparatus. I bought the M1 iMac since I was looking for a desktop computer to replace my old Windows laptop, and I wanted a desktop that was all-in-one (webcam, speakers, mouse, keyboard, display, etc.) with high-quality built-in components, and few companies make better computer hardware than Apple. Their displays are hard to beat, and the overall hardware is simply beautiful as well as highly functional. It is easy to tell that Apple has put an incredible amount of thought into the design of their products. The attention to detail and to the user’s experience is what makes Apple products stand out. I’m a pretty basic user since I only use it to stream and watch videos and to browse the internet. Also, the integration between my iMac and iPhone is pretty neat. Finally, I’m a huge fan of Apple’s stance of security and user privacy. Apple have repeatedly stood behind their words, such as when t refused to create a backdoor to let the FBI get into an iPhone, and in their latest iOS update which allows users to choose to not be tracked by apps. This has completely shaken up the tech industry and poses a mortal threat to Facebook. I am not a fan of apps mining your data from every interaction you have with your devices. Google can afford to make Android free because t make money from your data. I trust Apple’s stance on privacy because t have a different business model from other tech companies. Apple makes money from hardware purchases, not from selling your data. Google and Facebook, on the other hand, make money by selling your data. This means that Apple’s and the users’ interests are aligned on the issue of privacy and user data. I’m really glad to have switched to the Apple ecosystem, and I find it to be an upgrade over Windows computers in every single way.

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I’m glad to have switched over to macOS for this reason alone.