Is It Possible to Create An Interface from Where Content of PDF?

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Is it possible to create an interface from where content of pdf cannot be copied or pirated?

As David's very thorough answer explained, DRM is defective by design and a fundamentally futile concept. You can put up roadbloacks (often more inconvenient for users than pirates), but t're just minor obstacles. From a practical standpoint, you have only a few strategies. Build a custom client that integrates with a TPM chip, which is a hardware DRM module that secures the computer againsts its own owner. So theoretically, without some significant hardware/firmware hacking, the user won't be able to analyze or tamper with your secure client. Use the client to fetch the secure content off of a secure server, authenticating using the TPM's supplied crypto functions, that can ensure that the hardware and software haven't been altered. Use the TPM to temporary cache the content in separate encrypted partition the user has no access to. Build your client to render the PDF as a lo-resolution flat raster image so the rendered content is minimally useful to anyone and can't be used to recreate the original PDF. "Watermark" both the rendered images and the PDF stored in the secure cache with the user's personal information, IP address, and hardware ID. You'll want to use advanced steganography that can't be automatically filtered out. E.g. for graphical watermarks, don't use the watermark on more than one background, or on a background that can also be found in unwatermarked form. For other watermarked data, make sure t can't be easily stripped out simply by comparing two differently watermarked copies of the PDF. Stay small and unpopular. Security through obscurity is really your best bet here. This still isn't perfect, greatly limits the number of devices your client will run on, and uses the TPM to abuse the living daylights out of consumer rights, but it's still crackable. However, it's the next best thing to having a physically secured, tamper-proof steel-and-plexiglass-caged public kiosk that you force all uses to read their PDFs on.

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